Enjoy fresh, local produce this summer with Whitsend Market Garden!

In return for advance payment, we supply customers with delivery baskets of fresh vegetables from our farm in Stittsville.  This is an easy, economical way to enjoy your favorite vegetables on the day they are harvested.

To buy your share of the harvest, contact Bob Whitmore

by phone (613) 278-1937 (after 5 PM)

or by e-mail


We are doing a smaller-than-usual CSA in 2020 because we continue to transition from the Stittsville farm while building up the farm in Lanark. 

2020 Shares are available for $200.00.  

You can buy Whitsend produce in one of two easy ways:

 - Purchase a multi basket CSA share, OR

 - Purchase custom baskets at your convenience

See details on these options below!

CSA Share

CSA Customers

 - Pay in advance for a series of seasonal harvest baskets that are delivered regularly
 - Can top up their regular baskets with extra produce (prices for extra are below)

Honey, mushrooms, and pork are NOT included in the basic CSA share price.  You can order these items at additional cost and have them delivered with your CSA basket.

Price:  2020 CSA shares are available for $200.00.
To ordere-mail Bob.

Custom Orders

If you order at least $50.00 of vegetables, honey, mushrooms, or pork, we can deliver it to your home if you live in our delivery area.
Custom orders are delivered on our regular CSA delivery days.
To orderemail Bob

Shiitake mushrooms are anticipated to be harvest ready sometime in early spring.  I will give as much advance notice as they allow; expect mushroom delivery to start very soon after.

Prices for individual crops at the bottom of this page.

Payment methods:  Cash or cheque accepted.  Cheques payable to Whitsend Market Garden.

Tax on food is "0" rated.  No HST need be calculated.

Share Orders:

One installment of $200.00


Two installments of $100.00 (one now, the other in a month or two).  

Custom orders:  Minimum purchase of $50.00.  Top-ups may be purchased during the season while supplies last.

All deliveries are expected to be done on Wednesdays.  In rare circumstances I may have to change the delivery date due to extreme weather; in late season, frost risk might cause a date change as well.

Stittsville customers shall receive their delivery Tuesday evening, subject to prior notice.

Delivery and pick-up:  Produce is delivered to your doorstep.  I recommend that you either make arrangements to ensure that someone is at home, OR, leave a cooler or other animal proof container by your door.  I cannot deliver food at any other time in the week.

Produce will be delivered in cotton tote bags.   Please leave the previous tote out for next delivery - I will exchange the empty one for a full one.  Totes are dedicated to individual customers.  The totes you use at the start of the season are the same ones you are using at the end of the season.

Accommodations for the skipped weeks (See below) can be made.

Harvest Dates:  Five or six deliveries from late July to late October.   Two delivery dates (late July, late August) may have to be moved back or forward by a week, depending on how the tomatoes perform.  Check the 'Delivery Schedule" for our predicted delivery dates.

Customer absences:  Please let us know if you will be away so we can adjust our harvest accordingly.  I can hold items such as potatoes and garlic until your return. 

If you are going to be absent for more than one delivery this season, I strongly recommend you pre-order individual crops or products  instead of purchasing a share.

Subscription cancellation:  In the event that you decide to cancel your subscription, we will try our best to find an alternate customer to take your share.  If so, we can provide a refund equal to the amount of the share they purchase.  

Crop yields and harvest schedules vary in the normal course of farming.  We reserve the right to replace unavailable produce with alternate crops of equivalent value.

Production plan for 2020: The crops and dates indicated below are estimates and subject to slight change.  I can make some changes based on individual preferences if given early enough notice.

Our food delivery services the following neighborhoods - Alta Vista (Cheverton Ave. area), Old Ottawa South (Glen Ave area), Centretown (between Bronson and Bank), Centrepointe, Trend-Alrington, Briargreen, Craig Henry, Barrhaven near Fallowfield Rd., and Kanata South (Glencairn and Bridle Park).  I might be able to deliver to households between our farm in Lanark and Stittsville.  Call to inquire.

Travelling beyond my delivery area is too time consuming when considering traffic, parking, etc. However, in some cases, I may be able to add a stop if your home is on my delivery route - contact me and we can determine if delivery to your place is possible.  I will have to take into account the amount of time a detour such as this will require.  

Crops such as onions, garlic and squash require curing.  We do this for you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at the phone number or e-mail address, below.

I have calculated a probable case scenario (most predicted harvests succeeding and delivered in good quality).  What I have NOT included are delivery charges and flowers (these are complimentary).

Price List of Produce and Share Value

Crop Price/produce Number of deliveries $/ share
Kidney Bean 6 / Lb 1 5
Garlic 4 / bulb 1 48
Fingerling Potato 6 / Lb 1 12
Grmn Butterball Potato 5 / Lb 1 10
Red Potato 5 / Lb 2 20
Canning Tomato 5 / Lb TBD 15
Squash  Butterscotch 2 / fruit 1 8
Carrot - Napoli 2.50 / Lb 3 15
Carrot - colored 2.50 / Lb 1 5
Chard 4/ bunch 3 12
Watermelon Radish 4 / Lb 1, maybe 2 4
Gr Onion 3 /bunch 4 12
Green Bean 5 / .75 Lb 2 10
Romano Bean 5/ .75 Lb 1 or 2 5
Celery 3 / bunch 1 3
Fennel 1-2 for 6 1 6
Parsnip 5 / Lb 1 5
Beet 4 / Lb 1 4
Rutabaga  4 /root 1 4
Kohlrabi 4/bulb 1 4
Daikon 3 / Lb 1 3
Radish 4 / 2 doz 1 4
Total Value per share 214